Eric Lee is a self-taught Caricature artist. Eric learned from the school of hard knocks and did not have any special schooling for art but is a proud member of the International Society of Caricature Artists. (ISCA)

 Back in the early 80's Eric’s work was featured in the museum of cartoon art located in NYC.  Eric’s work was also featured in local newspaper articles as well.


While in school Eric has always studied in advanced art classes. Eric has been inspired by many great cartoon/caricature artists such as Stan and Jim Lee (Marvel & DC Comics) Al Capp, Dez Einswell (Muppets) Jon (Destroyer) Chase, Jeff Shelly, Tom Richmond &Mort Drucker (Mad Magazine, Jim van der Keyl and so many more!  As a child Eric would rush home from school, finish his homework and spend countless hours creating his own comic books.


 Eric has performed at all night Graduation events, Birthday parties, Church functions, Summer camps, just to name a few.

 Eric cranks out 12 to 15 faces per hour and always has a large selection of pre-printed backgrounds for guests to select from (No addional charge). Eric has over 25 years’ experience as a cartoon artist. Eric can also draw digital caricatures with an ipad (see samples on the Art gallery page) Eric studies his craft via internet, books and other great artists that he is associated with. If you are passionate about something you will constantly strive to be the best at what you do. Eric does this daily. Eric also works as a Mobile DJ for over 15 years. He is FUN and very entertaining.


 Serving NY’s Hudson Valley area and beyond, Eric can draw 12- 15 faces per hour Black n White (Heads Only) 12 to 15 faces per hour Black and White with (pre drawn bodies) 10 people per hour color (Heads Only) 10 people per hour color (with pre drawn bodies) Drawing bodies and backgrounds take more time if client wants a background created from scratch I could do it on the fly.


Number of people per hour is approximate and cannot be guaranteed. Group drawings, Sign-on boards, Drawings from photos are available upon request for all studio projects. Clear plastic sleeves to protect drawings, Paper pre printed with logo and/or event information or custom background - additional charge - requires prior arrangement.












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