jam  N  draw


        ABOUT ERIC LEE the dj


All my life I loved music and hung out with many great DJ’s. I worked as a DJ’s assistant for a few years, my job was to help bring in the equipment, set up, help with sound checks and get out there and pump up the crowd! I was known as Crazy “E “I also helped to break everything down and load up the van at the end of the night.


I had a 9 to 5 job during the week and worked as a DJ assistant on the weekends. Eventually I saved enough money to buy my own equipment and did a few gigs on my own. I have gained allot of experience in this field by working with other DJ’s. I have had my ups and downs in the business and through the years I have acquired many clients. I did not want to be the type of DJ that sticks to only one style of music; I learned every music genre and mastered what ever style I needed to play for my audience.


I can be very energetic or laid back. Not all audiences want a DJ that gets on the floor and goes nuts! What ever my people want, I can give it! I started back in 1995 as a professional mobile DJ and still rocking it out today! I have done all kinds of events from Weddings to children’s birthday parties and everything in between this includes Karaoke Parties.


If you are looking to hire a DJ for your next event feel free to contact me by phone or email. We will discuss the details of your event and get it Rockin for you! Whether it is Jamin or drawing. Everyone is sure to have a great time!